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Key Services

Our services ensure high quality and on-time delivery, every time!

We are a medium size laser cutting and fabrication company capable of manufacturing your projects from very small parts to massive complex weldments. We can mig weld all carbon steel alloys up to 1" plate size. We use .035 wire or .045 flux core wire to AWS D1.1 standards. 

Laser Cutting

We are a leader in laser cutting and custom fabrication. We provide a cost saving, precision, high quality and offer flexible solutions to meet our customers requirements.


Fabrication is one of our key services. We offer punching, sawing, shearing and notching of metal products at the fastest lead times.



  • AWS D1.1

  • Up to 1" plate size

  • Structual Steel



  • Volume laser cutting

  • Up to 80" by 160" by 1" thick

  • High-quality cutting with repeatable accuracy



  • Repeatable sheet metal and plate forming capabilities

  • Press Brake 80-ton to 250-ton

  • Shearing

  • Punching

  • Saw Cutting

  • Roll Forming 1/4" capacity

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